Orleans Scenic and Sightseeing Transportation

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Gloucester Cumberland Tumblers

Orleans, Ontario
Telephone: 613-834-4334
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Innes Road Golfland

Orleans, Ontario
Telephone: 613-824-6580
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Danielle-nadon Golf School

Orleans, Ontario
Telephone: 613-837-4124
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Royal Canadian Legion

Orleans, Ontario
Telephone: 613-830-9984
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Industries in the Scenic and Sightseeing Transportation subsector utilize transportation equipment to provide recreation and entertainment. These activities have a production process distinct from passenger transportation carried out for the purpose of other types of for-hire transportation. This process does not emphasize efficient transportation; in fact, such activities often use obsolete vehicles,such as steam trains, to provide some extra ambience. The activity is local in nature, usually involving a same-day return to the point of departure. The Scenic and Sightseeing Transportation subsector is separated into three industries based on the mode: land, water, and other. Activities that are recreational in nature and involve participation by the customer,such as white-water rafting, are generally excluded from this subsector, unless they impose an impact on part of the transportation system. Charter boat fishing, for example, is included in the Scenic and Sightseeing Transportation, Water industry.